It is appropriate for each one of us to be responsible towards the environment. Only in this way will we guarantee a future for the generations to come. We could all close our eyes and say that global warming is only a chimera or does not concern us. At Kizeo, we are convinced that it is our duty to harmonize our professional activities, technological developments and respect our environment. We believe that every gesture counts: nothing is vain or insignificant; this philosophy guides us in each of our decisions. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely avoid any degradation of the environment, but it is possible to limit our impact to the strict minimum. It is in this logic that we seek to implement the 4 “R” strategy:

  1. Reduce
  2. Replace
  3. Reuse
  4. Recycle

1) Our workspace:

Our teams have been operating since August 2018 at the Hamadryade building. A location very well connected by public transport and which is also close to various train stations. This site completely meets our environmental requirements and was awarded by the EDF innovation fund the:

  • The “Bepos-effinergie” label for positive energy buildings
  • Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings Certification (BDM)

The Hamadryade building is a bioclimatic building that meets all thermal regulations. It meets the criteria of a passive building whose energy consumption in heating and air conditioning is less than 15 kWh/m²/year.

2) The Go Green movement:

Environmental issues require that we change all or part of our habits. That’s why we encourage our employees every day to use “green transportation” to get to their place of work. Especially when we know that personal vehicles are one of the major sources of C02 emissions. We have seen among our teams a large number of “carpoolers”. Carpooling is the ideal way to reduce CO2 emissions, go on friendly journeys and reduce transportation costs.

I carpool more than 75 km per day. I find this practice very relevant. It helps to share the stress of journeys, save money and eliminate unnecessary cars on our roads.

3) Engaged partners:

Our IT partners are chosen with great care. Since 2013, our data host has been engaged in a process of reducing the energy consumption of its data centers. They have put in place many actions to reduce their electricity needs such as:

  • In-house development of exclusive cooling systems
  • Stop using/purchasing air conditioners

Our data host, OVH, operates in the greatest respect for the environment. As proof, the energy efficiency indicator for its data center (1) is 1.09. A figure significantly better than the average of other data centers.

4) Materials and supplies:

We pay attention to the selection of all our consumables. For example, hygiene products made available to our employees are all certified “organic”. The cleaning products used are also ecological. Unanimously, it was decided to remove coffee pods from our company. It should be known that they represent more than 40,000 tons of non-recycled aluminium each year. These pods, in the vast majority of cases will end their long lives in our oceans. Finally, when we know that 80% of the waste in our professional bins is made of paper (2), it was logical for us to provide all our employees with containers to sort and recycle their paper waste.

5) Diversity and Equality:

Kizeo strives to guarantee equal rights and equal opportunities. The diversity of our employees is one of our main sources of pride. We will constantly choose our employees based on their human values, their stories, their skills, experiences, motivations. In this way we hope to bring forth new, useful and universal ideas. It is also a way for us to guarantee quality service to all our customers around the world. To enable our employees to integrate fully into the Kizeo workforce, we guarantee them the necessary training in French as well as offer flexible work options.

Kizeo gave me the opportunity to take French lessons. I am now able to express myself correctly in the French language both in my workplace and in my daily life.

Lisette Carvallo, Quality and Customer Loyalty Executive - Spanish Markets

1)  The Energy Efficiency Indicator (PUE) is used to describe the energy efficiency of a computer operations center. This is one of the elements of green IT: PUE = Energy consumed by the computer center/Energy consumed by computer equipment
2) Printed papers, notes, various publications, books, binders, shaped stationery, envelopes or papers for graphic purposes.