There are some people who dream of changing the world.

And there are some people who
who contact us!

We don’t look to fill a role: we look for the right person for the job! We’ve even created roles for people who can help Kizeo write a new chapter as we love opportunities that just make sense.

We want new recruits who have the skills needed AND fit into our company culture.

Numbers that speak for themselves

of our staff say they have equal opportunities for pay and career development
of our staff are satisfied with the benefits (bonuses, profit-sharing, etc.) offered by Kizeo
score given by our staff in the anonymous ChooseMyCompany survey
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hours of relaxation facilitated by our sophrologist (at least)
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of shiatsu a year
company dress code!

Company mission

We believe it is our responsibility to find a balance between our business activity, developments in tech and protecting the environment.

We think everything matters: nothing is in vain or insignificant, and this philosophy guides us through all our decisions.

We drive continuous improvement by introducing permanent new initiatives to improve all our processes. We start from the premise that nothing is a given.

Faithful to our values, we:

Have had a site with BEPOS certification from Effinergie since August 2018, meaning it produces more energy than it consumes

Make sure to guarantee equal opportunities as a basic right

Use HR practices that aim to combat all forms of exclusion

Collaborate with organisations that help people and the environment and fit with our values

Provide the best working conditions for our staff (modern tools, a lovely workplace and flexible working for a better work/life balance)

Real stories

Our HR policy

  • Interviews

Our HR policy reflects our beliefs and values. Annual appraisals and career development reviews (both compulsory under French law) are important at Kizeo. They are a valuable opportunity to have a discussion, reflect on the previous year and identify what we can do individually and collectively to grow.

At Kizeo, these sessions have an individual questionnaire to fill in beforehand with a digital tool. This tool enables us to assess quality of working life and other HR indicators we think are important (#HeRoes). Next comes the discussion between the employee and their manager to share information and delve into all the important areas.

  • Regular monitoring

Throughout the year, we have various catch-ups. There are weekly sessions between managers and senior management, monthly discussions between employees and their manager, and we have our warm-ups where the whole dream team get together for the weekly briefing with popcorn.

Every year, the traditional annual meeting sets the tone for the coming months and gives us a chance to enjoy time together. Our teambuilding sessions are also important, no matter what they aim to achieve: fun, team spirit, or team work to develop strategies or improve organisation. #WorldCafé

  • Perspective of evolution

In short, all these things are key to us. They facilitate, involve and enable us to regularly discuss a wide range of topics. At Kizeo, nothing is left to chance, from development plans, job changes and team morale.

We are lucky to share many things that help us develop on all fronts and demonstrate the strength of our client relationships and when we create new products.

Your CV doesn’t matter much to us,
Everyone has a chance.  We meet you via our 100% digital and anonymised recruitment platform.

We get to know each other,
in a slightly wacky way. It’s a chance to talk about you and about us. And an opportunity to answer your questions.

Meeting with management
Don’t be scared: they don’t bite! You’ll have a discussion with one or both members of our senior management team. This is a key moment where you can find out about our values and our history.

Meet the Kizeo Team
Be fully immersed
Enjoy a chat with your future Kizeo colleagues. This is a chance to experience the ambience at Kizeo.

At Kizeo, personal fulfilment and enjoying our time at work underpin our company culture. We think it’s important to do all we can so that everyone feels comfortable.

To achieve this, we’ve rolled up our sleeves to make sure our key values are part of the everyday experience ⬇️

30 minutes once a month during lunch.

Company pension
With annual profit-sharing divided equally between the whole Kizeo Team.

Christmas gifts
€100 gift vouchers.

Lunch vouchers
€8.90 for every working day, with 60% paid by Kizeo.

Fun events
During the year to build team spirit and share knowledge.

Remote working
Up to three days a week for the whole company, plus full remote for developers who want it (but those who prefer hybrid working are welcome to do it).

30 mins per month per employee (during working hours).

First and foremost, Kizeo is a state of mind and an adventure with the human touch: “We’re serious without taking ourselves too seriously”. We’ve decided to put humanity at the heart of our company strategy. Quality of working life remains one of our key daily concerns. It’s about doing all we can to offer our staff the conditions to succeed. To maintain team spirit and our dynamic, we look above all for people who share our values and can diffuse these values to others.

Throughout the year, company life is peppered with formal and informal events:

  • Team sports
  • Celebrations of our success
  • Annual and weekly meetings
  • Team meals (e.g., Christmas, celebrations, or just because we’re hungry and thirsty)
  • After-work events on serious subjects (tech) or not
  • Internal events: Christmas, Halloween, etc.
  • Team building (travel or activities) for specific departments or the whole company (the last two were trips to Barcelona and Amsterdam)
Make a difference
We offer a nice workplace that allows you to give your creativity free rein, express your ideas and see them through. Make Kizeo your springboard to success.

Develop your skills
As part of our versatile multicultural team, you can develop and capitalise on your talents and skills.

Innovate daily
At Kizeo, you can transform your ideas into innovative and useful solutions. Our products add value to companies all over the world!

“I joined Kizeo in 2020 as an International Support Representative. Over the course of more than a year, I had the chance to refine my understanding of customer relations and specialise in the Kizeo Forms solution. A year later, I’m head of a business unit with more than 15 employees who respond to questions and concerns of our 80,000+ users.”
Kurt Carpels, Customer Service Director

“Four years on from when I arrived at Kizeo as Communications and Marketing Representative, I’m now responsible for marketing and corporate communications.”
Matthieu Richard, Marketing and Communications Manager

“Seven years! It will soon be seven years since I joined the Kizeo dream team! As I like to say, I’ve done many, many roles in that time. And over seven years you do develop. I’ve been a tech/commercial intern, a translator, a customer support person, an expertise and process manager and, following my training (and career change), a mobile developer. Kizeo has always been there for me. The company has always supported me as my wants, aspirations and goals have evolved.”
Sarah Marivaux, Mobile Developer

Kurt Carpels
Customer Service Director

« I joined Kizeo in 2020 as an International Support Representative. Over the course of more than a year…
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Matthieu Richard
Marketing and
Communications Manager

« Four years on from when I arrived at Kizeo as Communications and Marketing Representative, I’m now responsible for marketing …
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Sarah Marivaux
Mobile Developer

« Seven years! It will soon be seven years since I joined the Kizeo dream team! As I like to say, I’ve done many, many roles in that time. And …
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On cloud nine

We are delighted to have been awarded the 2023 HappyIndexAtWork label, which includes the HappyAtWork and TechAtWork certifications.

To certify a business, ChooseMyCompany asks for reviews from all the employees (an anonymous survey was sent to the entire Kizeo Team) and assesses five key areas:

  • Professional development: the opportunities the business offers staff for gaining knowledge and skills.

  • Working environment: the opportunities for staff to work in a stimulating environment with happy and motivated colleagues.

  • Management and encouragement: the ecosystem that benefits working in a team and allows staff to express themselves.

  • Staff pay and recognition: how everyone’s efforts are acknowledged.

  • Staff pride in their work, fun and enjoyment: how healthy and nice the workplace is.

All our results can be viewed on the Kizeo page on ChooseMyCompany’s website.

They say it better than us!

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