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Kizeo Forms: from words to action

Kizeo Forms is a form digitization tool designed for all types of organizations wishing to collect data on the move.

The history of Kizeo Forms

We wanted to provide a solution for dynamic professionals who collect field data on a daily basis via digital forms (site monitoring, safety checks, regulatory inspections, etc.).

In 2011, we set out to achieve a single goal: “to transform smartphones and tablets into indispensable tools for companies.”

And thus Kizeo Forms was born: an easy-to-use SaaS solution, designed and created in our Avignon offices in the south of France. We consolidated all of our know-howexpertise to put digitalisation at the fingertips of all professionals (large companies, SMEs, VSBs and artisans), who are always looking to save time and increase productivity.

Kizeo Forms is opening up new possibilities

Kizeo Forms is made up of two tools: a web platform (Back Office) that allows you to configure the solution, manage users and create custom forms (site monitoring, time sheets, etc.), paired with a mobile application for data collection.

The web platform offers a wide range of features to customise the solution to suit your needs. For example, you can integrate photos, geolocation, NFC tags and much more into your forms.

The data collected from the application is then formatted in a report that can be customised and added to automatic email templates. Tailored to your company, each form is a vital tool that can be updated whenever you want!

All the data is accessible from your back office and can be analysed and downloaded in the format of your choice (Word, Excel, PDF).

Thanks to the API, connectors and integrations at your disposal, the field data can be integrated into your favourite business applications and/or CRM systems, providing an instant overview to help you manage your business.


When one of your forms is completed, Kizeo Forms can transcribe and format the data collected into a custom document in the formqt of your choice (PDF, Word, Excel).


The custom reports can be linked to email templates and automatically sent to your contacts. The email corresponding to the completed form will therefore be sent with the data from your employee in the field.

The “Push” feature

Thanks to Kizeo Forms’ “Push” feature, you can send pre-filled forms to your teams. They will receive a notification with the forms to be completed and returned.

« Today, we have more than 100,000 users in over 50 countries with a vast range of needs, from sending site reports to NGE to managing expense reports at an SME, through to identifying tribal leaders in Togo for an NGO. »
– Benoît Raymond, COO.

Essential features

Save time !

Redirect your employees’ efforts to tasks with high added value!


Kizeo Forms has established itself as an essential solution for many companies, from artisans to multinational corporations:

“One of the results with working with Kizeo Forms is that we are more accurate than in the past.

– Huug Van Vossen (Reliability Engineer at Actemium)

“All levels of the organisation use the forms  from operators on site to directors. The transition has been great and people are getting excited and realising the benefits..”
– Gianluca Di Fruscia (Continuous improvement Manager at Bouygues Energies and Services Solutions)

“Kizeo Forms is used across multiple business lines for field data collection for safety formsinspectionsmileage logs, and photo inventories
– Kevin Grover (Operations Manager at Stantec)

One application, countless uses

Our comprehensive and customisable solution is designed to seamlessly adapt to different needs, taking the specific qualities of your work and internal processes into account, no matter your line of business.

With Kizeo Forms, your teams have a powerful tool at their fingertips to help them achieve their goals and improve their results significantly.

Here’s one example of Kizeo Forms is used to perform safety checks