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We specialise in developing and marketing SaaS solutions for professionals all over the world.

Looking to the future

Just like our founder Philippe Gellet, Kizeo cultivates a straightforward company spirit in tune with the times.

We see the challenges of our century as opportunities. Remote working, agile methods and environmentally responsible approaches are part of daily life for us.

We have faith in technology and believe it can truly be used to serve people and the environment. We are eternal optimists convinced that nothing is impossible if you trust in your ideas.

Your time is precious !

We are here to simplify your work by eliminating repetitive tasks so you can focus on your core business.

A SaaS pioneer, since 2011 we have been providing targeted solutions to meet the needs of professionals on the move. We are supported in this ambition by our team’s skills and knowledge. The team has 50 digital experts of 12 different nationalities.

By keeping our expertise in-house in France, we have made digitisation serve your everyday working life.

Thanks to the expertise we have gained over the years in designing and marketing SaaS solutions, we have made the use of smartphones and tablets for work productive.

Kizeo staff to support you
Clients: SMEs to major groups
Years of experience in the digital sector
Years of experience in the digital sector

Kizeo Forms

Data collection
has never been easier

Kizeo Forms is the first mobile app developed by Kizeo. A SaaS solution that digitises forms for all kinds of businesses from SMEs to major groups, regulatory bodies, schools and other organisations wanting to collect data.

A powerful, intuitive and flexible tool that allows you to create forms independently in low-code and a digitisation solution for work processes. With Kizeo Forms, you can digitise any field activity associated with administrative procedures.

Managers can easily use the web interface to create their own bespoke forms and automated processes to simplify the collection, logging and analysis of data. Fully personalised documents can be created using the drag and drop fuctionality.

Employees on the field can assemble all kinds of information using the mobile app like photos, geolocation data and even drawings.

Kizeo Forms gives you a complete solution for collecting, processing and analysing work data.

Pricing : From €12/month
Easy to use, Kizeo Forms is the cost-effective solution chosen by many business sectors.

Bespoke support

Kizeo solution users have their own support service. This paid-for support is for our French- and English-speaking clients who mainly use Kizeo Forms.

We offer a variety of services including training, personalised reports, workflow setup, turnkey form creation and digital project consulting.

All our services are fully personalised and tailored to the needs of each client. We are generally asked to help when :

  • Clients have a major project on the horizon: we guide and create the foundations of the project together
  • Clients have new staff: we train them to become a Kizeo Forms expert
  • Clients need to improve their skills: we offer discovery sessions and training on new features

A bold and committed team

We put client satisfaction at the heart of our relationships. Our support services are available for 7 hours every day of the week in 8 different languages !

Our expert team are available to support you with your digitisation project.

Our solutions have also been designed to interconnect, covering a wide range of needs on the field. The solutions offered by Kizeo are of course compatible with your internal tools so they meet your requirements.

Our comprehensive digital products integrate with your setup!

“We have significantly increased our turnover thanks to the Kizeo Forms app”
– Anthony Wincq, Aetra SPRL

“Excellent service, pleasant and conscientious business. Professional solutions for every need”
– Valentin Dorleans, Nespoli France

“A valued partner thanks to their supportive approach and company spirit. Recommended!”

Focus on your core business!

We have the answers to your questions.

Reliable proven solutions

We take your data’s security seriously, which is why it’s hosted securely and without limit in France by our trusted partner AWS (certifications: ISO 27001, PCI and HDS).

We ensure that our services and your data remain available without interruption.

From storage to transmission, we guarantee that your data and your clients’ data will be encrypted and protected. To keep your data secure, thorough tests, checks and security audits are regularly carried out by external providers.

AWS Partner
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