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"Parce que la technologie peut véritablement être au service de l’Homme" Phillipe Gellet - Président de Kizeo

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Our solutions

We turn technology into solutions 

About Us


We believe that transparency and honesty are the keys to lasting and stable relationships, allowing us to create a win-win partnership with our customers and associates.


Our team is always seeking innovation, whether it is in our working methods or in the very nature of our products. For us, challenges are a source of creativity and allow us to improve every day in order to meet your needs.


In each of our decisions, the human being is at the heart of our concerns. We want to create a technology that it is really useful and brings you more well-being at work.

We design our own solutions, we develop them and we sell them.

Kizeo is a French SAS (simplified joint-stock company) created in 2011 and specialized in publishing software applications.
In other words, our core business is to develop IT solutions for professionals in the form of mobile applications and softwares.

Our ambition? That smartphones and tablets become a real working tool within companies. Our different products provide an appropriate response to the issues and needs of large groups, SME or small businesses, who are constantly seeking simplification and productivity gains.

Kizeo - Mobile Solutions

Kizeo - International

Nowadays, we sell our solutions in 38 different countries. We also think that having a cosmopolitan team is a real strength that helps us understand the expectations of our users in every country.

Indeed, it is of paramount importance for us to have among our staff speakers in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Creole and Portuguese.

This human diversity has brought us a real value and gave us an international vision.

Our team

Philippe Gellet
Philippe GelletCEO of Kizeo
« I am a real Science Fiction fan. I would love to have already invented flying carpets and teleportation! I launched Kizeo Forms because I am convinced that technology can truly be used for the benefit of the human being. »
Estelle Genovardo
Estelle GenovardoManaging Director
« Having the chance to be part of the Kizeo adventure means that I can practice my profession with immense pleasure and surrounded by a generous and enthusiastic workforce! »
Benoît Raymond
Benoît RaymondCOO
« As the Operational Manager, my mission is to achieve inter-service coordination, to ensure the proper functioning of the company and to participate in the structural development of the company. All while respecting the DNA and values ​​of Kizeo, including well-being at work. »
Amanda Colombeau
Amanda ColombeauDirector of the Innovation Lab
« As a plant addict, I love to find the most exotic plants and share this passion with my friends and family. As the innovation lab manager, my role is to sow ideas throughout the seasons to help the team develop the digital solutions of tomorrow. »
Clément Artaud
Clément ArtaudDevSecOps Expert
« At Kizeo, I am responsible for the technical infrastructure. My goal is to do everything possible to guarantee “security” and “performance”.»
Agostinho Quintela
Agostinho QuintelaMobile App Developer
« Flexible and experienced in life as well as in the lines of code, I am part of the skilled team that makes your user experience the best possible. »
Kurt Carpels
Kurt CarpelsCustomer Service Director
« My mission at Kizeo is you! Your satisfaction is what drives me to constantly do more. »
Nathalie Castagnier
Nathalie CastagnierSupport Officer
« My main mission at Kizeo is to help our customers with the use of our applications »
Jessé Paffrath Andreatta
Jessé Paffrath AndreattaInternational Business & Partnership Manager
« What I like the most in the Kizeo family is its diversity! And with great pleasure I defend its values everyday!
To accompany you in your project beyond the borders is my goal!
Appreciating the gastronomy of my adopted country, I love the caipirinha originating from my country! »
Kavitha Ramamurthy
Kavitha RamamurthyMarketing & communication manager
« I am a fan of fiction, I like to travel and discover new cultures. My job at Kizeo is to present the Kizeo Forms app to English speaking countries. »
Matthieu Richard
Matthieu RichardMarketing and Communication Officer
« I cultivate my curiosity by traveling as often as I can. I love all winter sports and running. For me communication is above all a story of passion. I am trying to make it, above all, “human” and “sincere”. It is by following this ambition that I create weekly articles, videos and many other things. »
Caroline Chaibainou
Caroline ChaibainouFull Stack Developer Apprentice
« Passionate about art in all its forms, I am a rather atypical developer. I bring my fresh look to the Lab’s products while training at the university. »
Candice Aime
Candice AimeProduct Innovation Marketing Officer
« Every day I chop up the competitors, mix strategies and concoct the secret recipes for our upcoming products. »
Nicholas Rossette Cazel
Nicholas Rossette CazelMobile Application Developer
« In belote as in the Lab, I like to bet on the future and give myself the means to achieve my team’s ambitions by developing the mobile applications of the future. »
Jérémy Dussere
Jérémy DussereAdvisor for Large Accounts
« Well-being at work is an integral part of Kizeo’s identity. It is precisely the cultural richness, open-mindedness and skills of each individual that make me proud to be part of the evolution of this company. My role here is to offer you my expertise to contribute to the ecological transition of your company while bringing you efficiency and productivity gains. »
Priscilla Maio
Priscilla MaioAccount Manager French-speaking markets
« Availability, attentiveness and good humour are the assets that I put forward in my daily work to accompany and take great care of all those who put their trust in us! »
Patrick Carloni
Patrick CarloniTechnical support referent
« Coming from the crossroads of a Geek and a Salesman, my work at Kizeo consists of making complicated things simple and seemingly impossible things possible. »
Greilysu Moreno
Greilysu MorenoTraffic and customer loyalty Analyst
« Passionate about reading and writing, I decided to work as a Marketing and Communication Manager for the Spanish-speaking markets. My main objective is to create and maintain a relationship of trust between our Hispanic users and Kizeo. To do this, I publish daily news on our company blog. »
Alvaro Toledo
Alvaro ToledoKey Account Manager, Kizeo IBERA
« I analyse the needs of our clients and prospects to better support them in their digital projects. »
Charles Leconte
Charles LeconteAdvisor for Large Accounts
« Convinced that people and technology can go hand in hand, I took the plunge and I am proud to share Kizeo’s values by supporting our customers in their digital transformation process. »
Andrew Widley
Andrew WidleyInternational business developer
« Working with clients across the globe is such an interesting and exciting opportunity. My aim at Kizeo is to guide you through your digitalization projects, whilst showing you how to get the most out of Kizeo Forms, I’m always happy to help. »
Lisette Carvallo
Lisette CarvalloSupport Executive for the Spanish speaking market
« My objective is to support you in your experience with Kizeo Forms. I help you overcome all the obstacles and make the most of all the options offered by our application. »
Sarah Marivaux
Sarah MarivauxQuality and Customer Integration Developer
« I love to learn through books, human exchanges, machines, and podcasts. It is this same desire that made me move from the sales department to the technical and development department. »
Quentin Creusot
Quentin CreusotOperational Marketing and Acquisition Officer
« Gamer on my free time, I’ll be guiding you throughout your experience with our Kizeo Forms application. As a link between the sales department and the technical support, I motivate the team with my delicious chocolate cakes! »
Maxime Di Lorenzo
Maxime Di LorenzoFullstack developer
« I am a big sports fan. My job is, together with my team, to improve the technical aspects and develop the Kizeo Forms application to meet your expectations and offer you an unforgettable user experience. »
Thomas Delcros
Thomas DelcrosFullstack Developer
« Passionate about music and geek culture, I am one of those who turn caffeine into code lines to improve your navigation and offer you new features. »
Adrien Garcia
Adrien GarciaBack-end Developer & DevOps
« As the guarantor of the stability of our products, I play daily with the code, gain xp and level up to avoid the GAME OVER. »
Yannis Epalle
Yannis EpalleUX/UI designer and graphic designer
« Passionate about drawing since childhood, I now thrive in graphic design, web design and UI/UX. »
Patricia Derigon
Patricia DerigonMarket Development Officer
« My role at Kizeo? To be the driving force behind the development of Kizeo Forms in the German-speaking markets. Between pretzels and chocolate bread, my heart sways! Too talkative as a child, I learned German, Spanish and English at school and in real life. »
Milan Poyaud
Milan PoyaudDevelopment Officer
« I am an expert in nothing, but curious about everything, and I am your main contact for the products of the ” Kizeo Lab “.
My mission? To understand your needs as well as possible and to accompany you in your digitalization process. »
Vincent Demonchy
Vincent DemonchyIT Director
« I am eclectic and enjoy discovering new songs and instruments. On a daily basis, I bring my creativity and curiosity to the technical department, to offer you the best user experience. »
Julie Gicquel
Julie GicquelFront-end web developer
« The ‘geek’ that nobody understands in the meetings, well that’s me! Running on caffeine all day, I try to improve on a daily basis your experience in the back office! Outside of work, I spend my time drinking beer, hanging out with my friends and testing new tech! »
Vincent Croyane
Vincent CroyaneMobile Developer
« I will do my best to provide you with the best user experience on the Kizeo Forms mobile application. »
Laurine Moulin
Laurine MoulinAccount Manager
« My mission is to discuss with you to understand your expectations, advise you and accompany you in your projects. »
Thibaut Sonthonnax
Thibaut SonthonnaxBusiness Development Officer
« I analyse your needs to better accompany you in your digital project. What I like about Kizeo? Every talent can find its place! »
Yahya Soualem
Yahya SoualemCustomer Support Officer
« My role is to offer impeccable support to our French and English-speaking clients. »
Clément DE L'HAMAIDESenior Full Stack Developer
« I have a vision that is deeply focused on the experience of our users. I am a web technology specialist but also curious about electronics and IoT. »

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Our team is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET. Call us or email us if you have any questions.

For more information on how to set up our products, you can browse through the following websites: Kizeo Forms or Kizeo Loc.

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