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"Because technology can truly be used for the benefit of the human being"
Philippe Gellet - CEO of Kizeo

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We turn technology into solutions 

About Us


We believe that transparency and honesty are the keys to lasting and stable relationships, allowing us to create a win-win partnership with our customers and associates.


Our team is always seeking innovation, whether it is in our working methods or in the very nature of our products. For us, challenges are a source of creativity and allow us to improve every day in order to meet your needs.


In each of our decisions, the human being is at the heart of our concerns. We want to create a technology that it is really useful and brings you more well-being at work.

We design our own solutions, we develop them and we sell them.

Kizeo is a French SAS (simplified joint-stock company) created in 2011 and specialized in publishing software applications.
In other words, our core business is to develop IT solutions for professionals in the form of mobile applications and softwares.

Our ambition? That smartphones and tablets become a real working tool within companies. Our different products provide an appropriate response to the issues and needs of large groups, SME or small businesses, who are constantly seeking simplification and productivity gains.

Kizeo - Mobile Solutions

Kizeo - International

Nowadays, we sell our solutions in 38 different countries. We also think that having a cosmopolitan team is a real strength that helps us understand the expectations of our users in every country.

Indeed, it is of paramount importance for us to have among our staff speakers in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Creole and Portuguese.

This human diversity has brought us a real value and gave us an international vision.

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Our team

Philippe Gellet
Philippe GelletCEO of Kizeo
« I am a real Science Fiction fan. I would love to have already invented flying carpets and teleportation! I launched Kizeo Forms because I am convinced that technology can truly be used for the benefit of the human being. »
Silvia Arellano
Silvia ArellanoInternational Business Advisor
« I love traveling and discovering new cultures, I fit in well in France by honoring the culture of wine! My job? Introducing Kizeo worldwide, listening and answering our foreign customers’ needs no matter where they come from. »
Jean-Didier Baculard
Jean-Didier BaculardTechnical Manager
« Recruited for the 2011/2012 season, I have participated in the creation of the Kizeo club. As captain of the technical team, my role is to maintain the quality of the Kizeo Forms product and effectively respond to your requests. »
Camila Mazas
Camila MazasOperational Manager
« I have met passionate people at a technological and human level … Kizeo is an incredible adventure, and it is international! What is my role? Making sure that you and my team are satisfied and happy to work with Kizeo. »
Agostinho Quintela
Agostinho QuintelaFullstack Developer
« Flexible and experienced in life as well as in the lines of code, I am part of the skilled team that makes your user experience the best possible. »
Amanda Colombeau
Amanda ColombeauMarketing and Communication representative
« Always connected, at home as well as at work, I am a real cellphone addict! For me, there is no way I go out with my friends without taking any picture, even though they may not like it as I do! At Kizeo, you will obviously find me on the blog and on social media! »
Benoît Raymond
Benoît RaymondSales Manager
« In order to start our business relationship in the best way possible, my role is to listen to your needs, give you advices and guide you through your project. »
Carole Martinez
Carole MartinezInternational Marketing and Communication Representative
« I love traveling and after a few years living abroad, I decided to settle down in the south of France. My job is to introduce Kizeo to English-speaking and Spanish-speaking users through my articles on our blog and on social media! »
Jennifer Miquel
Jennifer MiquelAdministrative and Accounting Officer
« My creole roots and the blend of cultures make me who I am today, surrounded by a warm tropical atmosphere and a bit of spiciness. Looking for new adventures and challenges, I recently joined the Kizeo team to keep on discovering new people and horizons.»
Kossivi Amah
Kossivi AmahWeb and Android developer
« My daily challenge is to make sure that the Android app is fluid, functional and modern to improve your user experience. I also intervene on the back office. »
Sarah Marivaux
Sarah MarivauxTechnical support assistant
« Gamer on my free time, I’ll be guiding you throughout your experience with our Kizeo Forms application. As a link between the sales department and the technical support, I motivate the team with my delicious chocolate cakes! »
Vincent Demonchy
Vincent DemonchyIT Expert
« The ‘geek’ that nobody understands in the meetings, well that’s me! Running on caffeine all day, I try to improve on a daily basis your experience in the back office! Outside of work, I spend my time drinking beer, hanging out with my friends and testing new tech! »
Thomas Delcros
Thomas DelcrosFullstack Developer
« Passionate about music and geek culture, I am one of those who turn caffeine into code lines to improve your navigation and offer you new features. »
Estelle Genovardo
Estelle GenovardoBusiness Advisor
« I am full of energy! With good humor and joy, I share with the people around me all the small pleasures of daily life. It doesn’t take all sorts to make a world, it only takes happiness and nothing more! For me, being part of the Kizeo adventure means doing my job with great joy among a generous and involved human melting-pot. »

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Our team is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET. Call us or email us if you have any questions.

For more information on how to set up our products, you can browse through the following websites: Kizeo Forms, Doocity or Kizeo Loc.

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