Example of a Quote with Kizeo Forms
Applications are here to make you even more professional!

Craftsmanship is in the midst of a high-tech revolution, and it’s exciting! This evolution offers incredible opportunities for those who seize them. Put on your digital hard hat, and let’s explore together all the possibilities, specifically a digital quote example!

1. Increased Visibility!

In today’s digital world, online presence is essential for craftsmen. Thanks to a website and social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), it’s possible to gain visibility in the blink of an eye! No more door-to-door, you can reach thousands of people in an instant!

Showcasing our creations, talents, projects, or sharing examples of quotes in support groups!

  • Business Opportunities

Digital technology expands the business horizons for craftsmen and solo entrepreneurs by offering the possibility to reach new markets. Online platforms make it easier to find potential clients, whether they are in France or abroad. Craftsmen can also collaborate with other professionals in the industry or create strategic partnerships through digital networks.

  • Top-notch Customer Relations

Digital technology is here to make our approach even more professional! Being in direct contact with our clients is now the foundation. Craftsmen can use instant messaging apps, live chats (e.g., WhatsApp Business), and social media to interact directly with their clientele.

Digital technology also offers the possibility to provide customised services, such as online consultations, to optimize the user experience.

  • Boosting Your Productivity

Your time is valuable. Digitisation allows you to manage your daily activities more easily.

Digital tools simplify the lives of entrepreneurs with invoicing software, connected calendars, and data collection tools. By digitising the collection of information required for your activities, it’s possible to significantly reduce human errors and delays. The automatic generation of quotes, material orders, and site reports saves valuable time. Don’t wait any longer to use our free quote template!

2. Quote Example with Kizeo Forms!

Kizeo Forms allows you to create quotes instantly using data collected in the field. This feature helps businesses provide quick and accurate quotes, improving their responsiveness and professionalism towards clients.

  • From data collection to sending the quote:

To better understand the benefits offered by the Kizeo Forms solution, let’s take a closer look at the process of creating a digital quote:

From the form library, you can download quote templates. If none of the templates suit your needs, you can easily create your own data entry form tailored to your requirements. Kizeo Forms offers many fields to configure your form:

  • Client information: name, address
  • Products and services offered: product references
  • Calculations: VAT rate, discounts, net and gross prices, travel expenses,
  • Quantities: unit price, volume discounts,
  • Text: mandatory statements

You can also customise the appearance of the quote with your logo, colors, and branding.

The data entry form and Word/PDF quote template are reusable as many times as needed.

Once you’ve created the form, you can enter the necessary information for the quote directly at your clients’ location. You can do this from your tablet or smartphone.

Kizeo Forms makes data entry easier and reduces human errors. It also allows you to collect various precise data, such as photos, GPS coordinates, RFID tags, and sketches.

With your digital data collection form:

  • You collect more data much faster than with manual methods like paper-based entry.
  • You standardise the flow of information within your company.
  • You have traceability regarding compliance with Article 293b of the General Tax Code.

After filling out the form and verifying the information, you can create the quote. Then, you can get it approved internally. Finally, you can automatically send it to the client(s).

The Kizeo Forms solution integrates many options: searching for a template, non-applicable VAT, or creating documents tailored to your brand. A solution adapted to your interventions (material orders from suppliers, customer invoices, team schedules, site reports, etc.). These features are regularly updated. They help save time in preparing appointments, collecting data, and drafting quotes at a lower cost.

Save time!

Redirect your employees’ efforts to high-value tasks!