In 2018, we decided to proceed with a complete rewrite of the Kizeo Forms application. More than a simple update, this “reboot” is the result of a long process of reflection with our customers and partners. For reasons of transparency, we have decided to disclose to you the reasoning that led to our decision.

In 2018 we took the decision to proceed with a rewrite. In the meantime, Kizeo Forms celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Like all mobile services, Kizeo Forms is subject to the effects of time. Your data collection application was released TEN YEARS ago. As you can see, the technologies used by Kizeo Forms have aged… Although they are still very powerful, these technologies have slowed us down considerably in our projects to develop new functionalities. As a result, they no longer allowed us to make profound changes to our application. These elements led us to proceed with a major update of the application and rewrite it from scratch. To do so, we used state-of-the-art technologies: React-native, Mobx, Watermelon, Lottie, etc.

Mobile field data collection in snapshots 2011 vs 2020 :

Kizeo Forms old version table vs new version table

Maximum convenience at work

To bring you more comfort in your daily life we have re-engineered our application. For example, thanks to the new version of Kizeo Forms, even if your phone suddenly shuts down (crashes, battery failure, breakdown, etc.) you won’t lose the data being entered. Indeed, the Kizeo Forms reboot includes automatic backup of data being entered. It is also more powerful than the historical application on complex application fields (calculation fields, tables, etc.).

An evolving user experience!

The input interface of the Kizeo Forms application, although efficient, no longer met our quality standards. We were constantly listening to your needs and those in the field and wanted to offer you the right answers to all your requirements. To achieve this high level of satisfaction, we have equipped our Kizeo Forms reboot with a more intuitive and modern interface, in line with our quality standards.

Mobile field data collection in snapshots 2011 vs 2020 :

Kizeo Forms old vs new


Learn more about the reboot of Kizeo Forms :

  1. Why did we reboot the Kizeo Forms application?

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