You know, the alarm that rings first once, then twice and again? A strident bell, which wakes you from a deep sleep. A ring that suddenly separates you from all your dreams. So, even if you are late, you enjoy under your quilt your last 5 minutes of respite. Then you hear in your head a voice that says, “Ah! I have to go to work.”

Even the origin of the word work comes from the Latin “tripalium”. An instrument of torture consisting of three piles. One can only imagine the thought behind this. Fortunately for us, this is a linguistic shortcut away from reality!

Well-being at work: Our priority!

While work is not always a pleasure, at Kizeo we believe that it is important to do everything possible to feel good about one’s job and the company. We are convinced that well-being at work is one of the keys to personal growth.

“I can not imagine getting up in the morning and saying, I’m going to work because I do not have a choice. I do not want to do my job just for the sole purpose of making a living. When I go to work, I need to have fun and especially to have fun. Of course it will never be a holiday club. There are inevitably more complicated days than others or I would prefer to be on an idyllic beach. However, there are many ways to make these days easier to live. This vision I want to transmit and convey in my company. ”

-Philippe Gellet, Founder and President of Kizeo.

We spend three quarters of our time at work so it’s important to be happy. To achieve this goal, we at Kizeo decided to place well being of our employees at the heart of our corporate strategy. Well-being at work at Kizeo remains a major daily concern. It’s all about putting in place the conditions for success for our employees.

“We are fortunate to manage our projects using the ‘agile’ method. For example, in parallel with our main tasks/missions, we can lead from A to Z in collaborative mode projects from our own proposals. We can really give birth to our ideas! If we do not have all the knowledge required to carry out our business, we can very easily have access to all the necessary information to get there ”
-Sarah Marivaux, Quality and customer loyalty manager.

Jesse“We have at our disposal a room of conviviality in which we can see very often during the lunch breaks the employees, fight at the foosball table or play Street Fighter tournaments. It is not much but it contributes strongly to cohesion and stimulates communication between us. We also set up a ritual that consists of celebrating together the caps of subscribers crossed. A moment of conviviality that I particularly appreciate. Our work is simply valued! ”
Jessé Paffrath Andreatta, International Business Advisor.

“Just like our application, we really care about the environment. We have an effective waste management system. I must say that I particularly like Kizeo’s environmental and ecological dimension. The company also offers shiatsu sessions to its employees every week. An ideal way to eliminate stress and improve your physical and psychological condition. In addition, we always have lunch together and take the time to have fun around a game of Foosball or cards. We come from different horizons and yet we work together as one team »
Kavitha Ramamurthy, International Marketing and Communication Representative.