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"Because technology can truly be used for the benefit of the human being"
Philippe Gellet - CEO of Kizeo

Meet Sarah, Our Quality And Customer Loyalty Manager

Blog/Meet Sarah, Our Quality And Customer Loyalty Manager

Meet Sarah, Our Quality And Customer Loyalty Manager

Sarah équipe Kizeo


« Gamer on my free time, I’ll be guiding you throughout your experience with our Kizeo Forms application. As a link between the sales department and the technical support, I motivate the team with my delicious chocolate cakes! »

Sarah Marivaux

My job

I joined the Kizeo team in October 2016 and I am now quality and customer loyalty manager.
My job is pretty simple: advise you and guide you throughout your user experience with Kizeo Forms, whether it is by phone, e-mail or via or different online tutorials.
My main goal is that the quality department can guide you in order for our mobile solutions to better meet your needs.

My background

I hold a Master in International Trade Management. I found out about Kizeo at my end-of-year internship when I worked as a customer care executive. I was truly seduced by the spirit of the company and the good atmosphere among the team.

My favorite expressions

I know that my coworkers might say that I use « I am sorry » a lot, but for me, my favorite expressions are:

昨日の花は今日の夢 « Yesterday’s flower is but a dream today » Japanese proverb which means «Who today was a haughty knight, is tomorrow a penniless wight

堪忍は一生の宝 « Patience is a treasure of life »

« Don’t say too much bad things about yourself: people could believe you.» quote from the novel Fear and Trembling of the French writer Amélie Nothomb.

My hobbies

It is hard to say. I enjoy simple pleasures such as music (9 years playing piano and 7 years singing in a choir), reading, working out and cooking. I have also been studying Japanese for 4 years and I do Zumba with my coworkers :-D. When I am not behind a book, I am out with my friends having fun, playing video or board games

Sarah Marivaux
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