Comfort is key when we talk about well-being at work. Kizeo has made it a priority. The definition of well-being the Kizeo way results in comfort and solidarity. The company reflects this idea well, providing its employees with a multitude of opportunities to be comfortable in their daily work.

To integrate Kizeo is to enjoy working conditions at ease! Everything is planned in this direction: from the office chair to the lounge.

Maintenance of comfort and health:

We are concerned about the comfort of our employees. We take several measures to ensure comfort. Not surprisingly, when you spend about 112 hours a month on your office chair, comfort will have a clear impact on productivity. We have irresistible office chairs ensuring a seat of choice, preventing bad posture and therefore back pain.

Some employees have facilities based on their needs: height adjustable desks, which allow one to stand while working when a sitting position becomes too painful and we also work with anti-tendonitis computer mouse.

Shiatsu is perfectly suited to a process of well-being at work, this Japanese massage technique uses touch to bring balance in the body and promote health. It helps in the reduction of stress and is available to all our employees to profit from a moment of relaxation.

“Physically it relieves me, so I am able to work with more stamina than while sitting, I am more alert and more focused on my work.

Testimonial by Agostinho from his height adjustable desk

Details that contribute to well-being:

At Kizeo, there is something for everyone. Need to take a moment for yourself, or in a mood for some competition? You will find in the lounge sofas that will welcome you with open arms and a foosball table offering you the opportunity to let off some steam between colleagues enjoy some nice moments. Whether you are looking for conviviality or a moment of respite, it will be possible to find what suits you best here.

The workspace of the company was planned out by the employees. It was planned out using legos. Furthermore, this is a significant detail because it helps to maintain the feeling of being “at home” in the place of work.

If you happen to be visiting Kizeo, you’ll have to get used to some of the details. You will see some employees leave their shoes at the foot of their office to adopt more comfortable slippers. This kind of small freedom left to employees reflects the company’s desire to improve the well-being of its employees.

Lego plan of the workplace

Leaving employees, the possibility of leaving their shoes in their workspaces or even getting down to work while sipping good tea … is to divert the concept of “work” from its Latin etymology (referring to an instrument of torture). Thus, by emphasizing the fulfillment and comfort of employees, the concept of work is removed from its primary aspect. That’s well-being at work the Kizeo way!