Agostinho Team Kizeo


<< Agile and experienced in life as well as between lines of code, I am a part of the Kizeo team and work on constantly improving the user experience. >>

Agostinho Quintela, FullStack developer

My role at Kizeo 

As a FullStack developer at Kizeo, my role is to develop mobile and web solutions that will facilitate your daily business activities. Agile and experienced, I like to participate in the constant improval of Kizeo products by bringing my experience, my know-how and my soft skills.

My experience 

I had the opportunity to work, for 15 years in Nancy, a riverfront region in the north-east of France. I worked within companies belonging to various sectors of activity such as health, furniture and Big Data. Thanks to these experiences, I have not only been able to develop web applications in many languages, but I have also learned to be agile.

Being human-centric, Kizeo gives us all the means to provide you the best, now and in the future. This challenge is much stronger and exciting.

My hobbies

Agile in coding but also in life, I have been practicing Capoeira Angola for over 15 years.

The mix of wrestling, dance, music and theater allowed me to develop a very great capacity to adapt to all the situations of life.

I also enjoy trekking in groups. In the middle of a wild environment, effort and cooperation is essential. The sharing of landscapes and surpassing of oneself are a great source of satisfaction and humility.

Apart from sports, I also enjoy the cinema in original version. I can not resist Emir Kusturica’s Underground. What about you ?

And as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story said, “To infinity and Beyond!

Agostinho Quintela