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"Because technology can truly be used for the benefit of the human being"
Philippe Gellet - CEO of Kizeo

Let’s meet Benoît, Sales Manager At Kizeo

Blog/Let’s meet Benoît, Sales Manager At Kizeo

Let’s meet Benoît, Sales Manager At Kizeo

Benoit - Equipe Kizeo


« In order to start our business relationship in the best way possible, my role is to listen to your needs, give you advice and guide you through your project. »

Benoît Raymond

My role at Kizeo

As the head of the Sales Department, I am in charge of leading and managing the Sales and Customer Service team. We come in the first line when the customers call us. Therefore, our role is to advise you and go through the first steps of using Kizeo App with you. This way, we make sure that you will make the most out of it.

My experience

I first worked for a few years as a Marketing Strategy Analyst in a waste management company in London. Then, I moved back to France where I was a Sales Representative. I naturally move towards a position that involved more management today in Kizeo. I consider that my experience in Marketing was key for me to have a better understanding of what the specific needs of customers are. Analyzing them helps me every day for sales.

My favorite experiences

The years I spent in London and when my daughter was born, of course!

My Hobbies

I love music and more specifically I collect vinyles. But to be honest with you, what I like most is spending time with my family and friends. My favorite movie… well it is hard to tell! I will let you choose between The Shining, Phantom of Paradise and The Big Lebowski.

Benoît Raymond

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