Benoit - Equipe Kizeo

« As Director of Operations, my mission is to work on interdepartmental coordination, ensure the proper functioning of the company and take part in its structural development. All this while respecting Kizeo’s DNA and values, particularly well-being at work. »

Benoît Raymond


My role at Kizeo

It is my responsibility to define the company’s operational and structural priorities. I manage interdepartmental relationships to ensure that projects are completed as quickly as possible. On a daily basis, I ensure that everyone’s deliverables are planned. This operational follow-up allows me to identify the synergies necessary to better organize our projects. It is essential for me that the information be understandable and accessible to all so that everyone has a clear idea of our strategy. Listening to everyone’s needs, I take a great interest in training our teams.

My experience

I first worked for a few years as a Marketing Strategy Analyst in a waste management company in London. Then, I moved back to France where I was a Sales Representative. I naturally move towards a position that involved more management today in Kizeo. I consider that my experience in Marketing was key for me to have a better understanding of what the specific needs of customers are. Analyzing them helps me every day for sales.

My favorite experiences

The years I spent in London and when my daughter was born, of course!

My Hobbies

I love music and more specifically I collect vinyles. But to be honest with you, what I like most is spending time with my family and friends. My favorite movie… well it is hard to tell! I will let you choose between The Shining, Phantom of Paradise and The Big Lebowski.

Benoît Raymond