On Friday, October 19, Vincent Demonchy, R & D Manager and Maxime Di Lorenzo, Full Stack developer at Kizeo gave a lecture at the Center for Education and Research in Computer Science (CERI) a part of the University of Avignon. They both aimed to share their professional experiences as a “Software Engineer“with the 80 Master’s students who had assembled for the lecture.

Maxime talks about his experience as a Full Stack developer

Vincent and Maxime understand the importance of the pivotal period after post graduation. This is a key moment when students orient themselves towards certain professional sensibilities within their specialty. To support students in their reflection process, they presented the job of a Full Stack developer: a job that is now the envy of many start-ups. Maxime who graduated in March 2018 by obtaining a Master’s degree in “Software Engineering” explained his role and responsibilities at Kizeo to the students:

  • “As a full-stack developer, my job is very versatile. I am assigned to several missions. The main one is to develop applications/sites for Kizeo (only web). I have to design from A to Z (UX/UI – user interface, design, code, architecture) programs. My skills allow me to develop back-end applications, which consist in writing programs intended to work without interface, often on a server. I am also developing front-end applications, which are complementary interfaces to the back-end. These are visual interfaces to websites, or installed programs using web technologies. In parallel with my developer missions, I must also maintain the technical documentation of the internal and external applications. This translates into the writing of technical articles for our clients (architecture, API, etc) and our Kizeo employees (how code works, release notes, etc). Finally, I am also led to realize internal and external support. I am therefore from time to time, in charge of advanced requests requiring the technical skills associated with my knowledge and skills.”

The missions of a Full Stack developer varies enormously from one company to another. They are very diversified and depend essentially on the needs of the start-up in which they work. The Full Stack developer is a “Multitasker” a “Superhero“. He may have to work on both the “back office” of the site and the “Front End“.

Back to the roots for Maxime and Vincent

For the Kizeo representatives, this conference was a privileged occasion to share a rich experience with tomorrow’s professionals who are studying for a Master’s degree in Software Engineering.

“This conference was the perfect opportunity for us to meet the developers of tomorrow. We had the opportunity to talk with them and let them know about our company and our values. We also participated in their training so that they are closer to the needs of the digital industry. Personally, it is also a pleasure to share my passion for IT and my professional experience by interacting with young people. This allows us to get out of our daily routine and helps us improve our knowledge by discovering technologies that lure tomorrow’s developers and that could help us meet the needs of our customers! Vincent Demonchy, R & D Manager at Kizeo.

Fullstack Developer