Vincent - Equipe Kizeo« That geek that nobody understands during meetings, well… That would be me! I am high on caffeine all day. My job is to improve your daily experience on the platform!
Out of the office, I spend my time hanging out with my friends, having beer and trying new technologies! »

Vincent Demonchy, IT expert.

My job

I am currently an IT expert and developer at Kizeo. I joined the team in October 2014 after an internship the previous year.

Within the technical team, my job is to suggest and approve innovative technical solutions in order to fulfill the customers’ needs. I regularly follow trainings on new technologies and I also develop to guarantee the quality of our products.

My experiences

I studied Project Management and Information Systems. I previously worked in a telecommunications company. It is during an internship that I first discover Kizeo. I really enjoyed the job and the atmosphere among the team. That is why decided to keep working here where I can fully develop my profesional skills.

My favorite expressions

« Time will tell us… »

« It’s nothing to write home about.»

My hobbies

I am a geek at work and at home! When I am not spending my time hanging out with my friends, I am playing on my PC! I love video games, role playing and board games. I often play League of LegendsOverwatch and World of Warcraft. I am also found of cinema and fantasy! For instance, I enjoyed reading the « Game Of Thrones » books and the « Royal Assassin » novels.

Vincent Demonchy