Maxime Kizeo


« I am a big sports fan. My job is, together with my team, to improve the technical aspects and develop the Kizeo Forms application to meet your expectations and offer you an unforgettable user experience. »

Maxime Di Lorenzo

My role at Kizeo

I joined the Kizeo team in March 2018 as a developer for the Kizeo Forms product (online platform). What I do? Together with my team, I am in charge of improving the Kizeo Forms solution and I bring to life the future options of the platform.

My experience

I graduated from the University of Avignon where I obtained a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering. I met the Kizeo company thanks to my late-study practices. From the first moment I arrived there, I liked both the environment within the company and the Kizeo Forms product.

My favorite experiences

All my trips to England (around London) and to the USA (Chicago). I would have liked them to last longer! All the moments that I enjoy with my family and the time spent with my friends.

My favorite expressions

« It is at the end of the dance that they pay the musicians. »

« Easy peasy lemon squeezy! »

My hobbies

I have many pastimes and passions in life. Sport is my greatest hobby. I like to go to the gym, the field as well as to see it in on the television. I love soccer, basketball and football. I also practiced American boxing for more than 3 years. Apart from that, I like to play video games, listen to music (especially in my car!). I see many movies and series. My favorite classics are Pulp Fiction and Scarface.

I also like to go out with my friends and laugh because I am a true prankster ?.

Maxime Di Lorenzo