Elodie Surel, Chargée de clientèle chez Kizeo

« Reading is opening up to other visions of the world! Curious by nature, I like to discover the universe that is unique to each author. My work at Kizeo consists of putting into practice the desire to understand each other and to support our customers in the best possible manner during their journey with Kizeo Forms. »

-Elodie Surel

My Role

I support our customers on a daily basis to help them with their use of Kizeo Forms. To this end, I strive to establish a sincere and close-knit relationship between them and me. This allows me to observe the evolution of their projects and needs and to ensure that Kizeo Forms meets their expectations perfectly.

In parallel with these missions, I am involved in other sales projects aimed at promoting Kizeo Forms and/or assessing the satisfaction of our users.

My Journey

Passionate about words and stories, it was natural for me to focus my academic pursuits in the field of publishing. After obtaining my degree in cultural mediation, I completed internships in comic books publishing. Three years later, I specialized in this field with a master’s degree in England. A few years later, I returned to Paris to work in the publishing of digital books or on-demand books.

Tired of the noise and rhythm of life in Paris, I came back to live in the south, my region of origin. I then worked in non-traditional real estate: lofts, barges or even old renovated farms. Over the years, and from my various experiences, I have developed a particular attraction for customer relations…

Then, when I discovered Kizeo, I was seduced by the digital aspect of its activity, its strategy towards customers as well as its HR policy.

My favourite experiences

I experience things with great enthusiasm, constantly challenging myself. Going alone to a country without mastering the language to finish my studies, living alone in Paris and changing my professional orientation are adventures I loved.

All these experiences have nourished my curiosity and built the person I am today.

My hobbies

I am passionate about reading, from dark police fiction to Gaël Faye’s Petit pays. I also enjoy reading essays on social or ecological issues. Each book has its own universe, energy and appropriation of language. Reading is a journey for me.

I also love nature. That is why I personally invest myself in reducing waste and am concerned about the quality of my food or cosmetic products. I share the same ecological awareness values as that observed at Kizeo.

My favourite expressions

“Alone we go faster, together we go further.”  African proverb

In my Library you will find:

  • The Goddess of Small Victories – Yannick Grannec
  • The Professor’s Beloved Equation – Yôko Ogawa
  • The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City and Burma Chronicles – Guy Deslile
  • Persepolis – Marjane Satrapi

Elodie Surel