We are pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of your new multi-product administration interface.

Its commissioning is scheduled for Wednesday, October 30. This new administration interface has been designed and developed locally, with your expectations at the heart of our priorities and in line with our future software developments.

This is an essential step in our road map, inspired by your daily recommendations and our aspirations for the future.

Our ambition:

Each day, driven by the trust of our partners and customers, we deploy our know-how and devise new solutions. Our ambition is simple: to provide solutions adapted to the problems and needs of all professionals who are constantly on the move.

1 – Expand our know-how across borders.

The Kizeo Forms solution is currently present in more than 52 countries; we have recently opened a subsidiary in Chile. The deployment of Kizeo Forms on other continents has led us to conceive customized solutions adapted to new needs.
To internationalize our solution and meet the expectations of all our customers while respecting the standards applicable to each of them, we had to re-engineer our administration interface and our IT infrastructure.

2 – Anticipate future requirements now.

The new administration interface has been designed to allow the integration of our new applications. For example, in a very short time, we will be deploying “Kommunity“. A free community network that you will be able to access on November 20th on your new administration interface alongside Kizeo Forms. Its principle is based on the premise of providing our customers and partners with a common space where they can:

  • Ask questions about the products published by Kizeo
  • Find answers to their questions in the topics already covered
  • Answer other users’ questions
  • Share some tips

The new administration interface will offer a multi-product user experience. From a single administration space you will manage all the solutions developed by Kizeo (Kizeo Forms, Kommunity, etc…) !

This new centralized and detached administration platform from Kizeo Forms will allow each of our customers and partners to:

  • to easily manage their subscriptions and user quotes for their solution
  • to adapt the Kizeo forms configurations on all our future products

“In the case of the release of a new product, it is interesting for our customers not to have to redo their entire hierarchial structure. I am thinking in particular of redefining their users, groups, etc.” Vincent Demonchy, Head of R&D.

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3 – Safety at the heart of our concerns.

We had an urgent need to provide our customers with new connection possibilities. The idea was to meet our quality standards but also to satisfy the demands of our customers.

This administration space includes alternative connection methods such as :

  • External authentication (e. g. connection from Google (Oauth), Active Directory (SAMLv2) or Okta)
  • SSO authentication, which is a method that allows a user to access multiple applications with only one authentication.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) using the traditional username and password combination, with the addition of a unique code that changes every minute (Ex: Google Authenticator).

For more information on these topics, please contact our support department: support@kizeo.com

In summary:

 It is a more intuitive, modern and user-friendly platform. We have simplified the subscription processes, group and user management. From now on, you will be able to manage your user quotes yourself. The separation of the Kizeo Forms platforms and the back office will allow you to centralize all your Kizeo solutions from a single space. This new interface has been designed as a “single-page” interface, i.e. navigation between pages does not cause any loading time: in the end, it saves a considerable amount of time!

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