Philippe Gellet, the founding director of the Kizeo Company and Camila Mazas, the operational director, attended the event “Bouge ta Boîte” (Move Forward). They were invited to participate in the debates and to testify to their experiences during an “exchange course” organized by the Réseau Entreprendre Rhône Durance.

The Réseau Entreprendre Rhône Durance is made up of volunteer business leaders who support entrepreneurs in their projects. The objective is simple: to allow the creation and development of SMEs by the entrepreneurs of the territory by providing them the key to develop. The purpose of this meeting is to share, help and inspire which is the purpose and primary motivation of Réseau Entreprendre.

This first edition of “Bouge ta Boîte” was sold out. A total of 460 entrepreneurs were present at the Popes’ Palace, a special site classified by the UNESCO as World Heritage of Humanity.

Bouge ta Boîte had 3 main highlights:

Each exchange course deals with a current topic. This topic is addressed in its various components through several round table exchanges, each one by one or more “expert” speakers.

Philippe Gellet: An expertise on “new managers”

Philippe Gellet founder of the Kizeo company, spoke on the theme “Bouge ta team” (Enhance your team) at the round table devoted to the theme “new managers”.

In this assembly three topics were discussed:

  • What makes an agile company, a liberated company …
  • New managerial skills for a better fulfillment.
  • New managers, vectors of the transformation of the company.

Philippe Gellet, director of Kizeo, tells us:

Phillipe quote BTB

Camila Mazas: A workshop on “the company of tomorrow”

Camila Mazas, Kizeo’s operational director, took the role of facilitator alongside Stephan Roure (QUIETEC) and Marine Alex (MA Cabinet) at the round table dedicated to “the company of tomorrow”.

At the table the following 3 concepts were examined:

  • A priority given to the world around us to conduct our business better …
  • New technologies (blockchain, artificial intelligence)
  • Diversity, equality, parity …

It was the perfect moment to share and help others. Each one could find, through the experience of Philippe Gellet and Camila Mazas elements of answers to their own problems.

A big BRAVO to the organizers

In conclusion, we want to thank all the contributors who made this day a great success. It was especially a moment of conviviality and the ideal opportunity to enrich the experience of over 460 business leaders from different backgrounds. If you wish to learn more about the Réseau Entreprendre and the events organized by them, we invite you to visit their website.