Silvia - Equipe Kizeo

« I love traveling and discovering new cultures, I fit in well in France by honoring the culture of wine! My job? Introducing Kizeo worldwide, listening and answering our foreign customers’ needs no matter where they come from. »

Silvia, International Business Advisor


My job

I am in charge of the foreign customers and more globally to develop Kizeo’s business abroad.

As part of the Sales Department, I make sure that you, our customers, who come from all around the world, have the best experience possible with our solutions.

My job goes from guiding and advising you in five different languages to understanding your needs, taking into account where you come from and your projects.

My experiences

I have both Italian and Venezuelan roots, I graduated from a German school and I have lived in London, so foreign languages and mix of cultures have always been a part of my life.

As far as my professional career is concerned, I started as an English teacher at the Central University of Venezuela, then I worked as a technological intelligence representative in the German company Hager Group.

I studied a Master degree in Market Intelligence and International Business Development. I try to bring my academical as well as my cultural knowledge in order to contribute to Kizeo’s international expansion.

My favorite expressions

« Everything happens for a reason… »

« What you are is what you have been. What you will be is what you do from now on. »

My hobbies

Traveling! If I could visit a different place every week-end, I would do it without even hesitating.

I like music as well, in particular the good old classics (Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and U2). I also love to spend time with my family, friends and pets (my little turtles).

My favorite movieTo be honest, it is hard to choose between Memento, Kill Bill, Star Wars, Inception… Any movie that can make me laugh or cry is a good one for me.

Silvia Arellano.