Kossivi équipe Kizeo


« I am a thrill-seeker addicted to team sport. Every day at work, I make a point of making Kizeo Forms App more functional and sexy :D »

Kossivi Amah


My job

My daily challenge at Kizeo is to make sure that both Android and iOS Apps are fluid, functional and modern to improve your user experience.

My background

I studied Electrical Engineering and Industrial IT in Togo. However, since I was found of design and programming, I naturally decided to follow a software engineering program, which allowed me to combine both activities.

At the University of Avignon (in the south of France), I had the opportunity, while studying my Master degree, to work part-time in Enedis (major power provider in France) as a web and mobile developer.

I joined the awesome Kizeo Team as a mobile developer of Kizeo Forms. The product caught my attention straight away and today, I am still impressed about how our mobile App has a positive impact on the users’ performance.

My hobbies

I like physical and fun activities that enable me to go beyond my limits and to perform acrobatics. This year, I was a lot into tricking, which is an extreme martial art. But early this winter, I have tried snowboarding… and I became a huge fan! I traded my basketball shoes for an All Mountain board and my favorite sentence now is “Oh no, I am busy this week-end because I am going snowboarding :D”.

Kossivi Amah