Mehdi Ayache


« I participate with the technical team in the development of the Kizeo Forms online platform. What really matters at Kizeo is the human side! Apart from work, I like meeting new people of different nationalities. »

-Mehdi Ayache

My Role

In September 2018, I joined Kizeo’s technical team to become a Full-Stack Developer Apprentice. My missions are diverse and varied, but they all aim to improve your user experience and meet your expectations.

My Journey

My apprenticeship, within the Kizeo teams, allows me to discover the profession of Full-Stack Developer and to gather professional skills while continuing my studies. At the end of these two years of apprenticeship, and following the defense of a professional dissertation before a jury made up of teachers and professionals, I will validate the Master II at the Centre d’Enseignement et de Recherche en Informatique (CERI) from the University of Avignon.

My Hobbies

I had the chance to do an exchange program in Sweden for 6 months. During this stay, I met a lot of people who had the same passion as me: travel. The exchange program was the perfect opportunity to visit the Scandinavian countries. Norway, Finland, Denmark and Estonia offer visitors beautiful and green panoramas that I will not forget! I had the chance to see breathtaking landscapes, glaciers, the famous Fjords of Norway or the largest archipelago in the world in Finland(with no less than 179,584 islands)! Nature fascinates me, and I can not help but wonder: “How can nature be so complex yet so beautiful?”.

Oh! one last thing about me: “I would have liked to attend the Woodstock festival, see Led Zeppelin perform live and be at a concert of the Guns and Roses!”

My Playlist

  • Grateful dead : china cat sunflower
  • Queen : Crazy little things called love
  • Gun N’ Roses : Paradise City
  • Led Zeppelin : Kashmir

Mehdi Ayache