Lisette - Kizeo


« Responsible for accompanying you in your experience with Kizeo Forms, I help you to solve all obstacles to make the most of all the options offered by our application. »

-Lisette Carvallo

My Role

I joined the Kizeo team in November 2018. I am responsible for accompanying our Spanish customers and enriching their experience with the Kizeo Forms application. I’m also responsible for writing tutorials and enhancing your user experience.

My Journey

Chilean blood runs in my veins, although some people do not believe it. It was after graduating as an engineer and working for several years in my home country that I decided to travel and start living in a different way. That’s when I discovered this wonderful country named “New Zealand”. This experience strengthened my passion for traveling and getting to know other cultures. I met people from all over the world! It is after having found the love of my life that I decided to settle in France, more precisely in the south where lavender is the daily perfume.

I started studying at the University of Avignon and after several years, I discovered Kizeo. For me, this company is a space that symbolizes growth, the learning of the most recent notions. Its values, identity, goals and atmosphere are my new family … the Kizeo family.

My favourite experiences

While I was backpacking for three months, I slept on rugby grounds. I trekked at an altitude of 4,300m and stumbled upon a geyser. I camped around a log fire on the shore of a lake. I spent family nights with my brothers, my dad …

I have had thousands of great experiences. But the most important of all is the birth of my sunbeam: “mi pequeña Juju”.

My favourite expressions

“There is no harm that does not come without good!”

“If it made you happy, it does not count as a mistake.” Bob Marley

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why.” Mark Twain

“Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a single day of your life.” Confucius

My hobbies

Horse riding is my passion, I also practice rollerblading and yoga. I like to dance like most Latinos and there is not a day that passes by where there is no music in my life.

Lisette Carvallo