Jessé Paffrath Andreatta


« What I like the most in the Kizeo family is its diversity! And with great pleasure I defend its values everyday! To accompany you in your project beyond the borders is my goal! Appreciating the gastronomy of my adopted country, I love the caipirinha originating from my country! »

– Jessé Paffrath Andreatta

My Role

At Kizeo, I accompany all our prospects and international customers from their first tests of the Kizeo Forms application until the subscription of the application. I accompany the customers during their first steps into the Kizeo universe to:

  • Show them the full potential of our applications
  • Follow each stage of their journey rigorously
  • Check that they have all the necessary information
  • Ensure customer satisfaction

In order to offer a service and support adapted to each need, I am interested in their projects. In this way I hope to guarantee each of our clients a close and beneficial relationship as the  International Business Advisor at Kizeo.

My Journey

To be more efficient and start my professional journey, I combined work training with my studies. I graduated with a Master II in “Management Commerce and Entrepreneurship” from MBWAY Lyon. I also validated a BTS and a license in International Trade. I am of Brazilian origin and Portuguese is my mother tongue.

At the end of my studies and for a little over a year, I had the chance to work in Ireland in Dublin. I discovered in this country a fantastic culture. After that I traveled to Spain several times where I could improve my Spanish. I believe in contributing my knowledge and skills to the world and my knowledge of several foreign languages ​​is a real asset in my everyday life and in my professional activity at Kizeo.

My Hobbies

I come from the southern hemisphere, and unlike some of my colleagues, I have no particular affection for the winter season! Although a snow ball fight between friends is always fun, I prefer the sea, the sun, the beach rackets, and the good cocktails! Oh yes, of course like any self-respecting Brazilian, I am passionate about football, a sport that I have practiced for many years!

There is something else that characterizes me, my relationship with music! I do not play an instrument but I listen to music a lot; it’s for me a great way to destress and also a way to learn about various diverse rhythms and melodies!

The music accompanies me everywhere and at any time, it is also a source of inspiration in drawing and painting, one of my creative hobbies.

My favourite expressions

“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” – Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

“I hope to arrive to my death, late, in love, and a little drunk.” – Atticus

“In the end, you always end up overcoming fears, even if you do not believe it. You end up discovering yourself, you continue to grow, to live and when you realize it, it’s gone, it’s past, it’s over.” – Th.Valorizarei – Daniel Duarte.

“Today I am no longer seeking truth. I am looking for a road, a road and its guidance. My heart, my culture and my memories put me where I needed to be, and it’s not a question of choice. There are three things we do not choose: where we come from, who we love, and when we go. – Anonymous

Jessé Paffrath Andreatta