« Recruited for the 2011/2012 season, I participated in the creation of the Kizeo club. As captain of the technical team, my role is to maintain the quality of the Kizeo Forms product and respond effectively to your requests ».

Jean-Didier Baculard


My Role at Kizeo

I started working at Kizeo at the very beginning of the adventure, 7 years ago. Today, I provide Kizeo’s customers with what we call “level 2 support” in our business jargon. Concretely, when our customers are confused about some technical aspects of the application, I try to “translate and solve” their request. My role is to help our clients set up “useful” processes for their business. Indeed, the data they capture is always very interesting. However, the most complicated thing for them is to exploit them. Sometimes a few lines of code are enough to expolit the data and I’m here for that. Internally, I take care of the development and maintenance of the tools of the team. Finally, when newcomers join us, I work on providing them with the Kizeo Forms product training.

My Experience

It will soon be 20 years since I learned to code. My career has always been related to computer programs and/or corporate servers. In my job, we ask a lot of questions, we do a lot of tests that of course never work the first time … But it feel’s great when we achieve the expected result!

My Hobbies

My accent and my roots make me, since I was 6, a big fan of the the soccer club Olympique de Marseille. It must be said that the soccer duo, Jean-Pierre Papin and Chris Waddle have thrilled a generation of football enthusiasts. As you have understood, I am hooked to football, not as a player (that would be obvious) but rather as a staunch supporter. To tell you, at school, I spent days recording the compositions of the teams in my diaries. So, it’s a safe bet that I’m better in football culture than in geek culture.

Other than that I play tennis, I like to eat what is good and drink what is very good! I like taking the time to take care of my family, my house and my garden. Yes, yes I live in the countryside far from data centers but never far from WiFi! I’m not used to putting myself forward, for me my daughters are the most beautiful in the world.

Finally I will quote a proverb that is particularly close to my heart: “He who forgets his roots never reaches his destination”.

Jean-Didier Baculard