« Passionate about reading and writing, I decided to work as a Marketing and Communication Manager for the Spanish-speaking markets. My main objective is to create and maintain a relationship of trust between our Hispanic users and Kizeo. To do this, I publish daily news on our company blog. »

-Greilysu Moreno

My Role

I am in responsible for marketing and communication for the Spanish-speaking market. This includes Spain, as well as Latin America, with Chile in particular. My typical day is divided into:

  • Management of Kizeo’s social media channels.
  • Writing articles to enrich the Kizeo Forms blog.
  • The implementation of a marketing and communication strategy, mainly focused on Spain and Latin America.

My Journey

Communication has always fascinated me, that’s why I’ve studied its many aspects. After a degree in journalism (in Venezuela), I pursued a Master’s degree in business communication (Spain) and a Master’s degree in cultural mediation and international communication (France). In addition to my studies, I took elocution lessons and have a lot of work experience.

To summarize my career path, here is the chronological timeline of my experiences:

My favourite experiences

During my trip to Mount Roraima, it was through six days of trekking that I had an unforgettable experience with nature.
When I was younger, I was a member of the Junior Chamber International association. I had the chance to represent Venezuela in an international eloquence competition.

My hobbies

I like to watch documentaries and movies. The stranger they are, the more I love them. I love art films, because most of them are very personal. I appreciate a good book, whether it is about sociology or neurology. Occasionally, I also write.

In my VCR you will find:

  • Paradise trilogy (Ulrich Seidl)
  • I am not your negro (Raoul Peck)
  • La ciénaga (Lucrecia Martel)
  • Skins (Eduardo Casanova)
  • Tamaño natural (Luis García Berlanga).

In my library you will find:

  • Cat’s cradle (Kurt Vonnegut),
  • El Loco ( Gibran Khalil Gibran)
  • The Truce (Mario Benedetti)
  • Human, All Too Human (Friedrich Nietzsche)
  • Blue Label (Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles)

My favourite expression

“Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” – Maya Angelou

-Greilysu Moreno