To offer you an exceptional user experience, we are keen to provide our support via multiple channels. Based on this deep desire, we have decided to provide you with a community support platform called “Kommunity“.
Kommunity can effectively answer all your questions as they arise. This new support service will complement our existing services (articles, e-mail, telephone). It is a totally free solution that is administered by our company.

Kommunity, a clever mix of experience and expertise!

To give you a vivid definition of “Kommunity” we could say that it is a hub for the exchange of professional information. All users of one or more Kizeo solutions will be able to share all their tips and best practices with each other and ask their questions to our experts in one single, moderated place.

« The idea is to connect our 55,000 users, partners and experts to enable everyone to find the right answer at the right time. Kommunity is entirely based on the sharing of experiences within our community and the expertise of our employees. ».
-Yannis Epalle, Creator of Kommunity

Through the use of Kommunity, you can:

  • Ask questions to our team of experts on all topics related to the products published by Kizeo
  • Read the answers from our experts
  • Find answers to your questions in the topics already covered
  • Answer questions from other users
  • Share your tips and best practices.

« I would simplify by saying that Kommunity is intended to help us progress together for the benefit of all. ».
Amanda Colombeau, Marketing and Communication Manager, Kommunity project lead

A complementary solution to enrich our support!

Under no circumstances does Kommunity replace the support solutions already implemented by our company. You can choose to pursue the solutions that you prefer:

  • Write comments under our articles
  • Send emails to our support department
  • Contact our experts by phone

It is an additional and completely free solution that addresses different issues by offering faster and simpler access to information as and when questions arise. For example, with a few clicks you can find answers to some of your problems in the topics already covered. If this is not the case, you can open a new topic and get an answer from one of our experts.

Wishing to offer you even more mobility in your daily professional life, Kommunity will also be available on your smartphones.

A solution for our customers and partners!

Kommunity is a solution exclusively for our customers and partners. To connect to it, it is essential to have login credentials to one of our products (User name, company code, etc.). This way, we can guarantee that all the answers you receive will be given by Kizeo solutions users. Of course, all answers will be read by our experts before being validated.

How do I connect to the Kommunity platform?