The Kizeo Team could not miss the most expected electronic show of the year: the CES 2018 in Las Vegas! This is why the members of our team who attended the show are sharing with us a selection of the most surprising and ingenious products introduced during this CES 2018!


An amazing invention for wine amateurs! Caveasy is the first smart wine cellar to give an accurate inventory by detecting the bottles coming in and out of the cellar. Plus, the Caveasy App sends the user notifications whenever a wine reaches its maximum time and must be drank. Additionally, Caveasy gives you advices on which wine to pick according to the meal that you are going to eat.

Price: from 381 to 3,101€



A smart autonomous market! This is what is offering the American company Aipoly. Thanks to a smart system using AI, Aipoly is able to detect the customer’s movements to know exactly which item he has grabbed. The amazing thing about this system is that the customer won’t have to wait in line anymore. There is no checkouts; the client is charged upon exit and get a receipt as soon as he goes out of the market’s perimeter. Moreover, Aipoly’s App enable the blind and visually impaired to find quickly the items they want among the shelves.



The AI was the big trend during this year’s CES. One object particularly caught the attention of our team: a smart sunshade invented by the American designer Armen Gharabegian. Able to generate energy thanks to an integrated solar panel, the Sunflower sunshade offers Wifi and Bluetooth connection. It can also take photos and videos thanks to an integrated camera.  The sunflower sunshade moves according to the sun’s movements in order to keep a shaded area at all times.

Price: 5,220 USD



This connected mask uses hypnosis to improve sleep, fight against stress, anxiety and other clinical disorders. Hypnos, developed by a French company, helps children as well as adults by making hypnosis available to everyone.

Price: 199€



The Electron wheel is a smart solution to convert any traditional bike into an electric, pedal-assist one! The installation of the wheel is easy and takes most users an average of 30 seconds. Through the App, the biker can also trace its ride and keep track of the speed.

Price: 799 USD