On Friday, October 5th we inaugurated our new work premises with our staff. Thanks to you, Kizeo has taken a “good flight” in recent years. We thank you for your continued trust in Kizeo.

The start of a new adventure

It’s been seven years since we started writing the first chapter in our history, convinced that technology can truly be at the service of people. We have made this conviction an everyday struggle. A group was born, rich in cultural diversity and youth. Together we chose a name, Kizeo (the breath of life). Soon Kizeo Forms was born.

  • “An application to permanently erase paper while offering its users greater efficiency in their business and a high rate of responsiveness“.

A memorable journey

We wanted to thank all those who make this story possible, our employees through their daily commitment and our 40,000 Kizeo Forms users spread across the world in many companies. (The SNCF, OVH, ENGIE, Vinci Energies, Suez, Atrimmo, Actemium, Piña Alegre, TBS Services, OVH, Le Coq Noir, Creatio, Sodexo and so many more!)

The adventure continues

With your confidence we will continue to develop applications that are “useful” and “agile“. We are working on many new projects, which we hope will add a new dimension to your business.

Convinced in our convictions in light of the recent studies of WWFand NASA2, it seems indispensable, today, more than ever, to put technology at the service of the environment and the people.

A new workspace

To achieve all our new goals, we inaugurated our new workspace on Friday, October 5th. Find us at the technology park of Avignon at the Hamadryade building. A location close to the A7 and Avignon SNCF train station. The Hamadryade project fully meets our environmental requirements. The Hamadryade site has been awarded by the EDF innovation fund and thereby obliges with:

  • The “Bepos-Effinergie” label for positive energy buildings.
  • Mediterranean Certification for Sustainable Buildings (BDM)

The highlights of our history

Kizeo History

1 WWF: “The planet has lost 60% of wildlife populations in 44 years”
2 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: “The ice melts at a rate almost three times higher than before. “