Smartphones are becoming more and more essential in the professional context. The choice of model must correspond to certain criteria according to the enterprise and role. In 1994, the very first smartphone was released: the IBM Simon. Smart mobile phones enables us to easily access a wide range of tools. This is all the more true in the professional environment.

The use of smartphones in the workplace is transforming

Smartphones for professionals allow you to compile a large number of components in a single device. In a matter of seconds, it is now possible to set up more performing and efficient applications. We are slowly seeing the disappearance of piles of paper-work waiting to be sorted.

The Kizeo Forms application is a good example of digitalizing paper-work. With the app the data is entered more quickly and sent directly by email, without formatting problems thanks to the ability to create customized reports. This saves a substantial amount of time by simplifying unnecessary administrative procedures. Applications work on any device, but choosing the best smartphone while adhering to the requirements of your profession is challenging.

Based on what criteria should you choose your professional smartphone?

From the unbreakable smartphone to the ultra-thin, there is something for everyone. The choice of your business smartphone must be adapted to the use you are going to make of it. It is therefore important to focus on the criteria for daily use in your business.Choose a smartphone based on performance

For sedentary jobs, choose smartphones that combine finesse, power and a generous screen size. This will allow you to process a task more efficiently while enjoying a suitable display.

Choose a smartphone based on accesoriesFor professions requiring some mobility, it is preferable to ensure that the device is protected from damage. Therefore, appropriate protection must be provided. In addition, some smartphone cases offer additional benefits, such as stands or magnets for hands-free use.

When it comes to jobs involving the exposure of the professional smartphone on a construction site, the choice is different. It is better to choose an unbreakable phone. In terms of performance, it will be much lower than the smartphones mentioned above. On the other hand, it will be much more resistant and adapted to the context of the building sites.

Since their creation in 1994, the use of smartphones has evolved considerably. Today, the smartphone has become a real Swiss army knife, especially in a professional context. Meeting the criteria of performance and resistance, companies have an increasing interest in equipping their employees. All that remains is to adopt the one best suited to your profession!