Six years of experience

Our company was founded in 2011 by Philippe Gellet, when he came up with the idea of Kizeo Forms, a product that would revolutionize many industries and lead the path to digitization.

In six years, a great deal of progress has been made:

  • The company first started with 2 employees, we are now 14! New talents will join the team in 2018.
  • Kizeo Forms mobile App turned to be our flagship product with more than 25,500 current users.
  • Two new products designed for professional are expected to be launched on the market in the early 2018.
  • And plenty of ideas and projects on the way.

A brand new design to match our image

Our start-up has changed a lot during the past 6 years. It was about time to embrace our identity by choosing a logo reflecting perfectly our values and communicating the modernism that defines us. Along with the logo came a new website and new corporate identity guidelines.

You want to learn more? Watch the video recorded by our CEO and subscribe to our YouTube channel!


After 6 years of an incredible experience, we finally took the step to assert our values through our new colors!